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2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport – A Supercar that Makes You Feel Like You’re Flying a Plane

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

It would be an understatement to refer to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport as a supercar. In fact, it is under the hypercar category; it is officially called that. Many supercar reviews show them as hypercars. But no matter what kind of group the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is referred to, it doesn’t change the fact that it is the fastest and most expensive car in the world. But the above point is already given to a different supercar that just recently showed a remarkable top speed of 270.49 miles per hour with an engine of 7.0L LSX Twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 1244 horsepower – the Hennessey Venom GT.

the Hennessey Venom GT

But this is about Bugatti Veyron, so just sit back and learn more about what this supercar has to show you before Hennessey took the throne as the fastest car on the planet right now.

What is this car?

This is the most expensive and fastest car ever on the market. It has a price of £2,000,000, possesses an 1183bhp rather than the standard of Veyron that tops a figure of 986bhp. It can accelerate to 186 miles per hour in 14 seconds, with a record of two-way average 268 miles per hour. However, the customers’ car is limited only up to 258 miles per hour.

Technical Details

You can never question about this supercar’s technical information. At the heart of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is a remarkable 8L quad-turbo W16 engine. There are also changes in this supercar if you compare it to the regular Veyron engine. It has the all new turbochargers, remapped ECU, bigger charge coolers and free-flowing inlet manifolds. Aside from these changes comes with the lift peak power of 1000 to 1200PS, which is 1183bhp in the old. From the engineer’s viewpoint, it is easily able to produce greater outputs, but its 7-speed dual clutch transmission gearbox could not handle them that much.

What it feels like when driven

Is there any difference to it when compared to a standard car? Supercars naturally behave differently compared to a regular car. So it is only going to be obvious that the car can make you feel like you are riding a jet plane.

According to experts, they feel the chassis getting sharper. It can respond to the inputs quite directly, even if there is no compromise in the body and ride control that many of you might expect. The car is in fact beautifully damped even when driven on the roughest terrain. It constantly reminds you why Bugatti Veyron is a car when compared to another hypercars out there. You can even rent these hypercars now. It is designed that it can be used in the street.

The delivery of power gets more severe as well. You can feel more lag low-down. It even has more head-butting with the horizon between 3000 to 6000 rpm.

At 268 miles per hour, its centrifugal force at the core of every wheel is so amazingly high that the Bugatti Veyron needed the second spring in each tire valve.

Is Owning a Supercar Really That Expensive?

Every feature of supercars shown in auto shows always give the impression that they are always expensive. Some are already expensive when they are displayed at the auto show, while others only get expensive when it comes to maintenance. There was even one report by Road and Truck wherein it outline just how insanely expensive the maintenance on supercars can get. So several experts decided to challenge this idea by engaging in one real supercar to experience it personally themselves.

In general, cars are a very expensive hobby to have. It doesn’t matter whether you own a LeMons racer priced at $500 or an $18M Le Mans vintage Ferrari [pictured below.] A YouTube personality showed that the smarter and harder you work, the luckier you’ll get. This man is Rob Dahm, who participated in a survey to see whether owning a supercar is expensive.

$18M Le Mans vintage Ferrari

He was able to get his dream car, which is a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0, along with other two extensively modified FD Mazda RX-7, 1960 Lincoln Continental and a Cadillac CTS.

Some time ago his Lamborghini got deformed because he crashed into it, but he was able to fix it with determination and willpower, plus $26,000 from kind insurance adjusters.

First, he shared that everything people buy relative. When people outside of Rob’s mind sees what’s, he’s got. Naturally, they’d react to things that are very expensive for them. In his case, the most important aspect that most people do not realize is not because the car is expensive. It is just everything becomes a bit less expensive when you see it. This is what he’s chosen as a standard for himself because it is his passion. It kind of changes your frame of mind for a little bit when you start comparing the things that you’ve bought for your car, which is something most people do not think much about.

DiabloHe had an experience with his Diablo of 3 years in his possession. It was particularly on a misconception about the clutch, wherein people around him were surprised about replacing it. Then this is followed for what he does for a living.

Next is what makes people back out from supercars – expensive maintenance. From Rob’s point of view, the suggested maintenance is not necessary. For the beginner of supercars, there are two numbers you have to keep in mind. The one is the amount that you need to do, while the other is the amount that you should do. If you are dwelling in the exotic car universe, you are going to finance it since you are younger. The expected number that you spend on maintenance with a supercar, at least with what Rob has, is about a thousand dollars a year, which is not that bad at all. What you need to do at this point is to create a budget that is closer to $2000 each year. Then you roller over what you do not spend this year onto next year.

And of course you can always look into rental options, there are great options out there from big companies like Hertz to individual models such as the option is up to you. I find smaller companies are personally better.

For some people, the figures shown above can still be quite expensive for most people, but at least you’ve got an idea that it is not always that expensive as it is being claimed to be.

Is It Possible For Supercars To Be Fuel-Efficient?


It is becoming more and more apparent that our global society is turning towards “green” technologies, and we are now trying to save our planet by any means necessary. One of the areas that pollute the planet the most is the automotive industry, and supercars are notorious for their gas-guzzling tendency. These high-performance machines simply need a lot of food for their giant bellies, i.e. their V6 and V8 engines with an abundance of horsepower. However, the progress in technology and recent discoveries are changing the way we construct those vehicles, and it seems that supercars of the future will be Eco-friendly and still maintain their speed and performances.

Evolution Of The Manufacturing Process

Post3aThe primary purpose of these super-fast vehicles is to impress with their stability, agility, and velocity, but their aesthetic appeal and visual impact are also an integral part of their overall value, which can go as high as a couple of millions of dollars. However, fuel efficient vehicles can also provide us with the same features and characteristics, and modern manufacturing methods can even improve all those elements. For instance, modern high-end vehicles are created out of carbon fibers, or they have aluminum chassis, which can significantly boost the overall savings of fuel. Similarly, smaller engines can now pack the same punch as the older models could, and the upgrades in the aerodynamics are particularly impressive because of the use of computer animations and virtual reality.

Hybrid Supercars

Besides those methods of maximizing the fuel economy, some other methods are being used for making these fast machines less thirsty. For example, hybrid supercars are not something that you can just see on car shows, and these premium and luxurious vehicles can zoom by you on the highway without you even knowing.

Post3bFor example, Ferrari LaFerrari can reach 62 miles in 3 seconds, and it has 789 hp under its red hood, but this vehicle is a hybrid, only slightly more noisy and faster than your good old Prius. LaFerrari has an electric engine alongside its gasoline V12 beast, and this combination works like a charm. Some other supercars are opting for the use of lithium-ion batteries, and Tesla is one of the leaders in this field, although supercars by Lotus are well-known for their hybrid power. Don’t be fooled, these cars are super-fast and very light, but they are strong and durable, which is why they cost so much, but at least they will not emit enormous amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

How Much Is Too Much When Buying A Supercar?

Modern cars are filled with a lot of sophisticated technology, and all those gadgets and devices are one of the reasons for the value of those vehicles. However, some cars are more expensive than others, even though they may have similar equipment. But, the secret of these differences lies in the performances on the road, and when it comes to that exclusive group which we call supercars – you will need a very fat wallet to afford one of these machines. As a matter of fact, buying one of those premium vehicles can set you back as much as three or four million dollars, and these numbers are more than enough to make your head spin.

The Market Value Of Supercars

Post2aYou may ask what affects the prices of those cars and what exactly makes them so high, but the answer to this question is a complex one, and it demands detailed analysis of the global automotive market. In short, the quality of these cars is the primary element, and a lot of effort has been invested into the design and creation of those masterpieces of modern industry. Secondly, all supercars are relatively rare and, in a sense, they are unique because a lot of the segments of their production are still hand-made. Of course, we have always valued rarity in our society, and that is why high-end vehicles attract so much attention, and everyone wants to grab hold of them.

The Most Expensive Cars In The World

Post2bFor an average citizen, luxurious vehicles are something that can be admired from a distance or on television since most of us are unable to spend a couple of millions on a car. However, millionaires, athletes, movie stars, and similar wealthy people have no problems with paying the highest possible price tag, and it seems that there is never “too much” for them when it comes to the cost. Some of the most expensive vehicles in the current market originate from the Italian manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti. For instance, Lamborghini Veneno was produced in only nine units, and it has a price tag of $4.5 million. Bugatti Veyron will set you back “only” $3.5 million, and if you want something even more dazzling – check out Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita since this ultimate driving machine has a body made of diamonds and it costs around $4.8 million.

Other options

If you don’t have $4.8 million lying around, then what can you do about it? Well the only option really is to go to a supercar car hire agency, there are hundreds around and if there isn’t one in your city, then you can go to the biggest large city near you, or you can look into ordering one from a car hire website. There are obviously fees associated but they are nothing compared to actually purchasing the car!

Discover The Best “Big” Supercars

Having a luxurious vehicle is something we all dream of, and automotive industry has provided us some remarkable models over the years. However, the recent couple of years have brought a whole series of improvements and technological advancements, and we now have the chance to enjoy even better and more sophisticated vehicles.

In case you are a parent, and you have a couple of kids, you will need a lot of space to transport everything that your family may need, and even though high-performance convertibles are nice and all – they simply will not cut it here. That is why car companies have created premium sedans and SUV vehicles, and these thoroughbred machines can eat asphalt almost as fast as those tiny convertibles. Furthermore, they have a broad range of other benefits and advantages, and that is why people who can afford them should always consider buying one of the following premium machines.

 Mercedes-Benz GL350

Post1aWe all know what kind of reputation Mercedes-Benz has in the world of cars, and it is no coincidence that their vehicles are so appreciated. The superior quality of these cars is also visible in the case of GL350, which is the “biggest” and most robust machine in their fleet, together with the G class. The size of GL is impressive, no doubt about that, but this vehicle is full of luxurious details, and it boasts a lavish interior, which will be perfect for long road trips. Leather seats are a norm when it comes to Mercedes, and there are three rows of seats in this SUV which has all-wheel-drive powered by a V6 engine.

 Audi A7

Post1bUnlike the large SUVs, some slightly smaller cars can be the perfect option for parents who like to travel fast and safe, and Audi is equally powerful as Mercedes in the segment of reliability and quality. When it comes to the A7 model, you will notice that this sedan has an elongated construction which provides additional space for people in the backseat, but it also gives this beauty of a car a more stylish appearance. The speed of A7 is something that will impress the most, and this German machine can reach 60 mph in just 4 seconds thanks to its V8 TFSI engine. On the outside, the car looks amazing, and even with its stock “Glacier White” bodywork – you will be amazed by this stunner.

 Tesla Model S

Post1cTesla is one of the most extraordinary manufacturers in today’s market, and their Model S is just as impressive. As a matter of fact, this car has caused a revolution in the automotive industry, and due to its performances and top-notch quality, people from all over the globe are going crazy for this electric car. It has the most comfortable interior which is filled with state-of-the-art technology, and Model S is here to take over the world.